Winter Blues by MentalCrash

Winter Blues


21 November 2017 at 20:25:13 MST

A pic I drew at the end of last year, kind of a way of saying goodbye to 2016, I was having a relatively bad time back then, which explains the title and some of the stuff I wrote for the picture's description at the time, which you can read below:

"The time has arrived, and the year is gone, as it usually goes some things are good, some things are bad, what can be done about it instead just watch it pass and move on?
It's been cold in here for over a month, quite cold, hope you're having a good winter, like Warren Ellis once wrote, "The future is an inherently good thing, and we move into it one winter at a time."

Do you like how this picture is drawn? I did some things different, added that old brush thing to the denim, which I hadn't used in years, and made the head look overall more animeish than usual, eh, I might put that question in a poll later on.

The year is about to end, if it was good, miss it but don't dwelve on it forever, if it wasn't good, learn whatever you can from it and move on.

Have a happy new year."

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