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Dizzy Ref Sheet by MeMiMouse

Dizzy Ref Sheet


One of my OCs, Dizzy the Flaredot. I have used him for a long time. He used to host the old version of my website, which was animated. Next, he will be one of the stars of an animation I am working on! He's simple, but fun.

Name: Dizzy
Species: Flaredot
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relationship status: None (He's young and not into that, yet)
Special Abilities: Generating electricity, Electric "Magic," Levitating himself
Occupation: Currently, cleaning up after his brothers in the lab and assisting the Professor
Family: He has four brothers: Umpy, Murph, Shy, and HipHip
Best Friend: ???
Goal: Keep the lab clean, Help the Professor with his projects
Favorite Food: Cheese sticks
Favorite type of music: Unknown (Although he is known to like symphonic music, his fav is unconfirmed)
Special traits: Slightly brighter red than the average dot (He's a particularly normal-looking Flaredot. Red is the most common color.)
Talents: Cleaning, excels at certain video games, calm when faced with mayhem, excels at keeping the peace
Hobbies: Cleaning, reading, gaming, solving puzzles

Dizzy is a cheery Flaredot that lives on The Island with his four brothers and Professor Purson. No one is sure how Dizzy and his brothers made their way to The Island, but the young Professor intends to find out! Although only human, Professor Phillip Purson takes on the task of figuring out how Dizzy and the other dazzling dots keep finding their way to the isolated island community. The Islanders don't seem to mind the crazy antics of the floating spherical marvels, but will the small village be able to handle the increasing power and mayhem the Flaredots are providing? We'll soon find out!

Dizzy is a calm soul. Although he may not be the eldest of his brothers, he ofter tends to act the most mature. He tries to keep everyone calm when things get too crazy. He has a talent for breaking up fights and keeping others occupied and happy. He can often be found cleaning up the messes of others. He has many other quiet hobbies such as completing puzzles and reading. Dizzy likes trying out new cleaning products and different types of soap. He prefers products with natural ingredients, but doesn't mind using other kinds.

Please do not use my actual drawings or characters without my permission.

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