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This account simply has the name Mei-Xing. It's solely to concentrate on my first anthro-character and the people that are part of her life. The person behind this account is just a guy, a male. Many knew it already, but it seems that still a few are fairly confused about that.

Please support the respective artist, if you like the pictures in my gallery.

JOINT COMMISSIONS: NONE! If I want a character of mine doing stuff with any of yours, I will approach you for it. In return, you are free to deny me of course. But if you keep pestering me about this, I will block you. I have no qualms about it whatsoever.
GIFTS: I only accept gifts from good friends and people I trust.

My f-list and NO, I DON'T RP! Just to make sure people aren't using Mei's pics for their stuff.

Latest Journal

I want to get better...

on 21 January 2014 at 15:37:53 MST

At drawing. I really, really want to. I mean, sometimes I have some sort of epiphany and I manage to doodle something less horrible than usual...

But I want to get better. Are there any books that people can recommend me in terms of human anatomy or anything similar? I just can't stand it, how I seem to not be even able to grasp the most basic shapes and angles of the human body.

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    Hope you're doing alright. hugs

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    Hey Mei ^^

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    I had feeling you'd be here, too.

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    I have found you!!!
    gotta watch you now!
    cant miss out on all the busty ladies here X3

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    Found you! :D

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    ^^ thanks for accepting me as a friend.

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    HI MEI-XING ^u^

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    Thanks for the follow <3