Come and Take It, If You Think You Can! by Megan Bryar

Come and Take It, If You Think You Can!

Megan Bryar

23 September 2017 at 03:41:38 MDT

My sly, sticky-fingered skunk thief Sarah doing what she does. And no doubt having a wonderful time at it as well. But before you start eyeing that knife she's holding and clutching your valuables close to you, take heart. She only targets slavers and slum lords and all of the other brutal predators, of any species, who prey on the weak and the innocent. Not that she would count herself a hero, far from it. It's impossible for someone to grow up on the streets of the meanest city in the world and not come out a little damaged. But she does her best to help people who need it, and she is broadly on the side of justice as she understands it. And if she likes you, she can be a lot of fun to hang around with. Just don't touch her shinies.

Art belongs to the wonderfully talented kristein
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Sarah Sullivan is mine.

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