[S.C.A.M.] Esmerelda Sketches by Mayfurr

[S.C.A.M.] Esmerelda Sketches


2 June 2018 at 01:04:46 MDT

For Super Collie Appreciation Month (S.C.A.M.), here's some sketches of Our Heroine in alternative "civvie" outfits. One entirely practical, the other two most definitely less so and verging on fetish material ;-)

Drawn entirely in Krita, a free open-source multi-platform digital art application that is available in South Canterbury, Barsoom and St. Trinians.

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    Esmerelda Thoris? Neither movie nor book accurate. (The movie covered more, the book specified less.) But it's how most artists depict Dejah.

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      That's quite possible. I was using various comic covers as a costume reference.

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        Oh, the comics. Yeah, they tend to use the "clothing looks like jewelry" bit for Dejah and others.