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MaxLion CHARACTER REFERENCE Sheet [Final Version] by MaxCoyote

MaxLion CHARACTER REFERENCE Sheet [Final Version]


15 December 2013 at 23:40:24 MST

CLICK HERE for a link to a HIGH RES UNCENSORED version of this ref!! This submission is just for show and tell. FA resolution restrictions fail.


PERMISSION TO DRAW GIFT ART of any of my characters is given to all; ONLY if you NEVER draw them in the following ways:

1. NO Pornography: No sexual acts or implied poses.

2. NO Nudity: With exception to drawings in which it is tasteful and with a point (like beast Max or something)

Please ask permission for any long term projects that will include my characters, like comics or something. Also, if you're one of my buddies, just go for it. No need to ask. :)

A wonderful ref done by Spazzy! I'm so glad she finally got to do another ref for me. She does my chacaters so well. Best person to redo all my refs. This is the ref for my new "character", MaxLion. MaxLion is basicly a different form of MaxCoyote. Same person, different species.

A few things on top of that changes as a lion, as well. As you can see, he no longer has a "beast" form. Well, he does, but stead of a beast he just goes farel. And he only transforms in the full moon, like a traditional were-creature. He also LOVES basking in the moonlight. It's like the African sun to him. :3 His personality changes too. Much more warm and heartfelt. MaxCoyote has a warm heart, but he loves to play games. Tricks and stuff. MaxLion isn't like that. When in this form, he just becomes a big softie. :3 And BIG softy he is! He becomes very muscular and almost a foot taller then MaxCoyote! :)

I hope you all love my new "character" as it were. Lions are one of my fav animals and I already love having a lion form. :)

Thank you again, Spazzy for doing a wonderful job as always! You're the best of the best! I am looking forward to my MaxCoyote ref re-do with you. :)


artwork © 2012

MaxLion character © maxcoyote 2012

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