Deirdre Lyne - Iron Claw Campaign Portrait by MavenTreecat

Deirdre Lyne - Iron Claw Campaign Portrait


18 July 2019 at 13:56:35 MDT

Deirdre fiddled with her staff as she overlooked the town and isle of Greka. She'd arrived by cargo hold a few hours ago, but she delayed in visiting the Vulrok Consulate or the Church of the Tooth and Claw. It was the first thing she'd ever truly seen outside her own country, and even just the roofs below showed such diversity in culture and origin. It bustled with light activity, the staging ground for exploratory interests. It appeared...pleasant.

"Please, let me be the hand that I was sent here to be," she quietly prayed, positioning her staff in front of her and resting her forehead against the crudely hewn wood, "for serving is what I was born for. I am honored by the trust held in me, and I will fall for them. Powers that be...look favorably on the lowliest of your followers."

First piece of character art I've ever commissioned, and I'm over the moon about it (yes, intentional cow joke). Deirdre is one of my oldest still active characters. Recently, I joined an Ironclaw campaign and the world it's set in had an absolutely perfect religion and country to match with Deirdre's general backstory. It's been a blast, and I love her a lot.

Art © Emrys Seren

Deirdre Lyne © Myself

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