Khaos, LLC ~ Furry ID ~ $10 by Matsi (critique requested)

Khaos, LLC ~ Furry ID ~ $10 (critique requested)


28 October 2012 at 12:46:02 MDT

FAP™ ID Cards ~ Furry Identification ~ Howliday Sale!

We have updated our order form to allow for easier ordering with more customization! Make your ID how you want it by selecting if you want to hide the FAP logo or the barcode on the ID.

You can also select from some premade labels or enter your own for where it says "Fursona Identification" call it what you want or choose one of our examples.

We've also updated the example to this new example which shows how we've moved the text to be right aligned for a better look.

FAP™ is a trademark of Khaos, LLC, it stands for “Furry/Fursonal Authentication on Plastic”

Unlike some other producers of plastic card prints, ours are actually thermally dyed into the plastic and then covered by a clear protective layer to make them far more durable and protected from rubbing and UV light that can cause fading.

Contact: matsi[at]

Contact me if you're interested ~ Visit our site at

I can also make new templates based on themes you give me so don't be afraid to list your ideas as a comment below :)

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