Khaos, LLC ~ Umbrella ID Template ~ $10 by Matsi (critique requested)

Khaos, LLC ~ Umbrella ID Template ~ $10 (critique requested)


28 October 2012 at 12:52:19 MDT

This premade template type is for sale by me for $10 + $2 Shipping(International Shipping can be discussed as needed)

Image and info from you is placed onto this Resident Evil UBCS themed card and shipped to you. The card is plastic and the size of a standard ID/credit card. Everything is printed onto the card including an overlay layer that helps protect the text and images from wearing off. The barcode is actually scannable and can be set to nearly anything you want(phone number, website, email address) but note that the more characters the longer the barcode so try and keep it short(under 20)

You provide: square photo and what information you want(the text that is to the right of the picture), if there is any thing in the sample that you want removed from yours, please say so.... also if you want a different clearance level.

You can also choose to provide me with a custom URL or word or number to make into the barcode at the bottom that can actually be scanned.

Paypal: accounts[at]

Contact: matsi[at]

Note me/email if you're interested ~ Visit our site at

I can also make new templates based on themes you give me so dont be affraid to list your ideas as a comment below :)

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