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Meet Chelan


23 January 2014 at 18:20:18 MST

Meet Chelan, my coyote character!

This is a collaboration of sorts! I got the nose and the uncut resin base sculpted and cast by Beetlecat Originals, I also got an unpainted jawset and silicone tongue sculpted and cast by Crystumes. With that awesome start I cut, hinged, foamed, sculpted, furred, and painted/airbrushed the rest!

It was definitely different, this was just about entirely working outside of my usual experience. I learned a lot and feel like I'm very accomplished for having done so.

The eyes are glass and have a fixed gaze (they do not follow), and along with the lips are set in with Apoxie Sculpt. The jaw is hinged with a spring, and the mouth corners have elastic thread sewn in so the fur stretches when the jaw opens. Vision (which is regrettably quite limited compared to what I'm used to) is through the tear ducts. There are vents in each ear, and I left the muzzle hollow so lots of airflow through there as well. Airbrushed with light and dark brown hand mixed paint, and the jawset is painted and then coated in "triple thick" for a wet look.

I'm so proud! I just love how she turned out! She was debuted as a partial at FC 2014.

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    Oh my goodness, too beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful suits I have seen :')

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    Can't wait to see more pics of this one.

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    I don't think I saw you at FC! D: That's probably among the cutest puppies I've ever seen :3

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    Beautiful work! I don't think I've seen eyes quite like that before-I usually don't care for glass eyes, but those are very nice.

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    Unbelievable! So adorable, fantastic detail!

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    'dat tongue!