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Remembrance of the Spirit by Marquis Alastair

Remembrance of the Spirit

Marquis Alastair


Do you remember what I told you?
Upon that last day of that dying world?

What made you cry upon my shoudler as I held you?
Such simple words, true and beautiful,
and yet so sad...

Death claims us all in time, and all things that have beginning, end.
But our souls are immortal, and even in despair we can be beautiful.
Even the end of all we know can have a tragic beauty.

So hold me now, dear brother, and remember the past we share.
This is not how it ends, for nothing truly ends that never began.
And all that does last eternal is what's worth keeping.

I love you now, in this broken and dying world.
I have loved you since before time was recorded and these stars were first lit.
And I will love you even after the last of our candles, the stars, flutter out into night.

For love is the remembrance of the spirit.
And I love you more than all the world and all that is or could be.
And true love, my love, is eternal.

Do you remember? That which I once said on that dying world?
As summer ended into autumnal twilight?
When all was despair? When all was lost? When all we had was each other?

I love you."

An old poem of love, loss, and longing.

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