Updated Commission Price Sheet by Marquis2007

Updated Commission Price Sheet


21 February 2017 at 21:44:40 MST

I needed to update my commission visuals for a long while. Finally got some time from commissions to do so, so now this is the official new commission price sheet.

Only a few things changed here from the previous one:

  • Visuals: SHEESH This was the huge reason! I really needed to do this and show more difference from each level than the previous one, even when I've updated my style now =3

  • Solid price for reference sheets - Needed to set a solid price instead of guessing anymore, and since I've gotten few more ref sheet commissions than before, I think this is better to feature. Only flat color for ref sheets since the purpose of a ref sheet is to be helpful for other artists of your character and details needed to be shown

  • Option on thicker lines or not for lineart - not really new but didn't specify that from the previous one, but I do ask commissioners as an option

  • Option of color lines via Flat Color - I've done it with one of my pics and it does look nice but it is optional if you want it added to your own pic. Just $5 extra to the total.

Example - SMASH

  • Extra characters from Lineart and Flat Colors from $3 to $5 - Just $2 extra and scales across all levels now. More even in multiples of 5. Wanted to do that for a while anyway

Anyway That's about it. Needed a new price sheet nonetheless ^^

Any questions? Just ask =3

Commission sheet and visuals © marquis2007