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Nabiki and Shampoo: Work That Pole! by marmelmm

Nabiki and Shampoo: Work That Pole!


6 October 2018 at 18:06:32 MDT

Awhile back, this pic of a preggers Ranma-chan led to some discussion in TechnicolorPie's stream about other Ranmaverse pole dancers. This pic is the result... ;-)

Nabiki and Shampoo (c) Rumiko T. Art by Pie. Background shooping by me.

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    I can see Nabiki pole dancing for the bucks. She's such a money hungry wench, and without any morals about how she gets it. Not too sure what Shampoos reason would be to pole dance,unless she thought it would entice Ranma. ;3

    Always good to see fanart of Ranma 1/2 series. I love that show, even as silly as it is. blush

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    Almost forgot. Can you link me to the picture of Ranma pregnant, please? I missed seeing that and always wondered what would happen if he got turned back male while pregnant. >;3

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      Here ya go! IIRC, that question came up while Pi was streaming the Ranma poledance pic. The general gist, IIRC, is that he'd remain female until the kid came out. ;D

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        Thanks! I dunno. Seeing male Ranma with a preggy tummy would be hilarious. I can just see him freaking out all over the place!

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          Funnier than Ahnold in "Junior"!

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    Shampoo pole dancing? Ai ya! Love this series. I like the two theatrical movies particularly.