Leviathan by Manna


The night comes with tragedy:

The leaves unturn in their seats, a din and murmur as the wind steps through their eaves. The rain plods heavy onto cobblestone, pat pattering the footsteps of Anxiety, who breaks out in a sprint. The London fog begins its weary patrol, nestling in the darkened corners of the street and drowsily creeping through the gutters, weaving amoungst the detritus of the day. The moon struggles in vain to see its reflection in so many puddles, the clouds angrily choking her and stealing from her her light. I sit here in my night coat and drearily count the drops that bash against these window panes, as if to fight against the fragile glass.

And finally Anxiety finds my home, hurries through the yard on the tips of his feet, and raps quickly against my chamber door. He shouts, loudly so I can hear: “Leviathan is awake! Run, run, while you can!”, and my weary eyes, they sag.



15 October 2012 at 10:28:16 MDT

Prose piece from o.o

Utilizing anthropomorphism to capture the narrator's sense of paranoia, and the onset of anxiety (a theme which would take many forms throughout this collection. During the production of this anthology I have been struggling with my recently awakened Anxiety Disorder, and it shows)

Inspiration stems from Ruth White (Mists and Rains), T.S. Eliot (Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock), and Shakespeare (The Life of Timon of Athens)

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    I like the way this was written. It's written in first person point of view, yet because "anxiety" is personified it feels like it's from the perspective of someone else entirely. The narrator is describing the scene as if watching Anxiety physically approach, while Anxiety is observing "I" and the setting described.

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      Thanks much :3