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A whole bunch of fun! by Mancoin

A whole bunch of fun!


Whew! Finally done with this one ^^
I really wanted a new ID - the last one has been my deviantID since 2012, I think it's time to let it retire and rest ^^.
Also it'll acknowledge that the whole gang is no longer just 4 gals c;

So we have
Amber and her mouse on her head
Masaki and Samaisu,
Samantha and Rebeca Silverin bent down
April and Rachel


Would you look at that - a cute little fennec c:
Guess what... That's from now on the pure representation of me!
People used to associate Amber, at some point Masaki with me, but they're only I'd say part of me
NOW THERE'S A FENNEC! FENNEC MANCOIN ( oddly neither man nor coin ;D )

So there, Hope you all like it.
All the characters are © Mancoin ( Dovydas Širvinskas )