Arcanine Ursaring Ace Taur by ManaPuddingFox

Arcanine Ursaring Ace Taur


25 April 2015 at 11:42:05 MDT

And the other pokemon assignment with friends where we turned each other into pokemon. This time, tigerpillow as an Arcanine and Ursaring. I went with something more classic to him. One being that one of his favorite pokemon is Arcanine. The other being that, well, he's a tiger bear. Arcanine (though a dog/ Fuu dog) looks like a tiger and Ursaring being a bear. Though, we could always just tease and now call him a dog bear :P INUKUMA :P Or would it be Kumainu? Hmmm. Anyway, taur mode cause I need to draw more taurs. And muscle gut cause yes. I had a lot of fun with effects and background. Though I wish I fixed up the upper arm.... oops :s

Ace (c) tigerpillow tigerpillow
Arcanine and Ursaring (c) Game Freak
art (c) ManaPuddingFox/ Mana_the_Vixen/ Marshmallow-Vixen 2015

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    I still find it difficult to find the words to say how much I love this pic ^^. I definitely need to draw Ace as a nice big muscle gut sometime soon X3

    Thank you so much <333

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      Yay! I am so glad you like ^ ^. YES! I WANNA SEE YOU DRAW THAT! :D
      You are welcome ^ ^