Eyes by MamaWolfSage (critique requested)

Eyes (critique requested)


15 April 2014 at 06:54:27 MDT

I've been working on drawing again. I haven't done so in years, so I'm starting slow, trying to draw one page every night. Last night, I did some eyes. The one in the middle is mine ^_^

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    I love the style on the blue, but blue is my favorite color so I might be slightly biased there... looks again no, no I'm not the way it's lighted (the shines) are nicer in my view than how the others are done and I also like how it's shaded a bit near the top, gives it a little bit of depth to it. However I don't like the shines that look like lines instead of circles, in stead of that I kind of like how the lighter under-curl that's present on the other two. And blended just a bit more between the colors than it is. But the blue is still my favorite!

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      Thanks! I really appreciate the feed back as, like I said, I only recently began drawing again after many many years of not doing so.

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        I know the feels of wanting feedback but not getting any. On the occasion I'll get feedback, but not every time I ask for it.