[Badge] Don't Cross the Magic User by Malachyte

[Badge] Don't Cross the Magic User


20 March 2015 at 17:15:16 MDT

Woo, another badge! I really like making them, since I have so many different kinds of decorative papers to use for them.

Leegru (c) s0meone
Made with Copics and Triart markers, plus gel pens and a white grease pen.

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Visual / Traditional


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    Look at that sneer!! I really love that little show of teeth with that lip curl. And the angle on that muzzle is one of the hardest ever to do, at least for me.

    I think my favorite part is those wispy lightning bolts. They're subtle enough not to distract from the character, but the eye kinda naturally flows to them from the rest of the details. So cool!!

    Also, I am forever in love with smooth, round and shiny gems. They look great in traditional media. It makes me wanna put them in everything.

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      Thanks! That angle can be pretty hairy to try and get right, yeah. It's actually the back of the head that makes it harder for me, and I still feel like I could have done that part a liiiittle more solidly, but hey.

      I actually didn't notice that the lightning bolts direct the eye to the figure, but now that you bring it up, they totally do. What a happy accident!