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Gift - Sigma by Malachyte

Gift - Sigma


Gift art for the winner of Weasyl Wednesday this week. I hope you like it!

It was only going to be a rough sketch, but I decided I wanted to practice in Manga Studio some more. This probably took around 30 minutes, from rough sketch to really fast ink to color. I'm not sure what I think about the inking on this pic, but the coloring, wow can I do that fast in MSudio. It was ridiculously user friendly.

In doing this drawing, I think the most interesting thing I learned was what a Chocolate Digestive Biscuit is.

Sigma (c) sigma117

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    Awwr, looks cute :3

    ...chocolate would be a pain to get out of fur x3

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    Also...not sure how this collection thing works, could you resend it maybe?

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      Glad you like it!

      Hmm, it says you already collected it, so I can't send it again. Is it in any sort of inbox you have?

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        It's not showing up in my collections.

        Try again in a little while or should one of us submit a trouble ticket?

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          I think submitting a trouble ticket would be a good idea. I know they're always looking for more bugs on the site, maybe we found one? ha ha. I think the problem may be more on your end, so you should probably submit the ticket. Keep my updated if you need any info from me, and/or if it gets resolved.

          I'll try sending the offer again later today if I don't hear back, too, just to see if it does anything different.

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            They fixed it for me :3

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              Oh sweet, I'm glad :D

              I, on the other hand, was totally useless and didn't even try again later, because I forgot. YEAH

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    Get the dark chocolate ones, they're the best.

    They're imported (into .ca at least) by Peek Freans. A grocer that has those will likely have the Digestive.

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      Or just come to the UK, every store has them ;3

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        Canada would be closer for her ... all ours do too, even the Chinese corner store! :-D

        Dang, now I want cookies XD

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          *Biscuits ;p

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            Double dammit, now I want biscuits and gravy too!

            *makes pan biscuits and Yorkshire pudding at midnight*