[Badge] Delle by Malachyte

[Badge] Delle


12 April 2016 at 14:39:40 MDT

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about the conbadge exchange I signed up for last month. But here it is! I tried shading with green underneath the gray and yellow tones, to make the finished piece more colorful. I think it worked out? It didn't fail at least, so that's a victory to me X3

It was fun doing a badge, I don't get commissioned for many. Hope you like it, Delle!

Character (c) delle
Copics: W3, W5, W7, W9, G07, G21, G28, G85, BG99, YR07, E09, E29, RV11

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Visual / Traditional


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    Oh myyy this is sooo cuute! And the sunflowers! ;___;
    Would you be willing to ship this? I'd love to have it for my cork board!

    Just let me know how much and I can send you over Paypal! :)

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      I was planning on asking if you'd like it, yeah! Do you want me to laminate it first, or would you rather? I have 3mm laminate, which is okay enough, but not as sturdy as 5mm. Just PM or email me your address and I'll let you know about how much shipping would be (email is spixish @ gmail, and shipping inside the US is usually about $2-4)

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        Yay!! Sent! :)

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      Almost forgot to say; I'm glad you like it! The sunflowers were fun to draw, they're a favourite of mine as well ^^