Foreign trash from tha East Coast of Canada residing on Montréal Island, QcK (QuébecKistan). Tha legedary Street Pirate, Cap'n Malachi hyena, a Darkside hood rat hailing from tha Nova Scotia furries, tha ¹ & only4iRL - /b/riona /C/ampbell aKa tha Og RanDUM/b/tarĐ- murry, purry, fresh & furry, just as you ordered me! Taking no s*¡T OL circa ¹99⁴;

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Characters Malachi, Ænima, Asbestos, Vas Deferens, Ferris, Leech, Sweet Black Cancer, Flesh Mechanic, Cicatrix, Jave××, Pei, Beetrice, Semantis, The Rape Keeper, Baby, Subby, Sparrow, Harm+Oni, Cupcaxe, D.B. aKa Databass & Junky the Wasp, plus the junk wasp concept, of series "XL!M¡R aKa Xenogenesis Laboratories: MASS¡VE Reflect!" + Silica, Sasha, Leah, Ella, Tatjana, Tsol, Cid, Pompom, Suri & D.B.Now of series "Dimensional Reflections" + misc: Lilydahl, Tzua, Tripp Dammit, Stray, Tomahawk, Psyrin, Damyu, Siphon Gass, Bleu, Pouff, Créme, Woulf, BluRou×, Sisioux, Blayze, Nikeetah & Selena are all ®w© Katherine /b/ /C/ampbell ¹998-2O²°

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Hello, World!

on 4 June 2020 at 13:54:29 MDT

Hey , big thanks to everyone for the +faves & +follows! It's great to be back among the furry kind :3

You can find me on Patreon @netherdeth aKa Neth Elvy, my author/pen name for future erotic publications! I will be soon sharing ALL-NEW furry Pr0nZ comics & illustrations, with FULL available for purchase on my Patreon account!

Thanks for the warm welcome and attention to my old artwork! My entire gallery was drawn about 2010 and prior!

Cheers to all of you! ×××°
-Malachi aka /b/riona "Breezy" /C/ampbell

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    Thanks so very much! Its great to be recognized :) I am looking into offering all-new lewd art & comics on Patreon in the coming months, stay tuned!

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    Hot damn, it's been forever since i've seen your work. Glad to see it again and hope to see some new stuff soon ^^