The Pastel Four GELFs by Makeshiftstory

The Pastel Four GELFs


14 May 2014 at 17:22:58 MDT

After a while, I finally returned with some Art :'D I decided to draw Lucy's Siblings together X3 They were fun to draw and now to sort out who is who!

Julia (Mint)- Julia is the oldest one of her batch and works at a confectionary called 'Sweeties'. She is sort of the Head Honcho of the group and is currently sending applications to join the law enforcement academy. On her spare time, Julia loves to go to the beach and collects seashells.

Jude (Light Blue)- Jude is the second oldest and is generally very tired. This is mostly due to his job as a full time nanny taking care of five children. Jude is generally very soft spoken and passive around others. Jude also suffers from Derp eye during photos as shown.

McKenzie (Sunny Yellow)- McKenzie is Lucy's Twin sister that works at the same florist shop as Lucy. McKenzie is the quieter one of the two twins and has the habit of being a wallflower. However, like her sister, she is rather naive as well.

Lucy (Pink)- Lucy is McKenzie's Twin sister along with being the youngest of the batch. Like McKenzie, Lucy too works as a florist at the same shop. Lucy is the bubblier one and is very social around others. Just like McKenzie, Lucy is Naive to a fault.

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