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Snowlion + Tasmanian Tiger Fursonas by magnus

Snowlion + Tasmanian Tiger Fursonas


22 May 2015 at 00:17:31 MDT

Pair of rough reference sheets for bearbuttz bearbuttz's friend and sibling, who're both new into the fandom, so Brom had me help design their 1.0 Fursonas to get started :)

Top is a snow leopard/lion mix.
Bottom character is a Tasmanian Tiger

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    thylacines are always cutest :3 very awesome work on both ^^

    random note; wonder why folks only seem to know Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf as the nicknames and not both? :o

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    I'm curious, how do you design fursonas for people who are new to the fandom?

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      With a lot of uncertainty hahaha

      Lots of asking questions and seeking a lot of feedback during the design process.

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        I hope I'm not prying by asking, but what kind of questions do you typically ask in that situation?

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          No worries!

          Of course I ask for the kind of animal they're looking for
          I ask what their personality/behaviours are like
          whether they want their fursona to err closer to the accuracy of the animal or themselves in terms of anatomy/proportion (the human vs animal ratio)
          I asked for a lot of reassurance that the body types felt comfortable to them

          I base the design decisions off of that and otherwise just try to make them look unique and cool. and not obnoxiously terrible with arbitrary markings and generic wolf faces.

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            Cool! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions :3

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    love these sheets! they're quite simple but really show them off, also the tasmanian tiger has so much personality :D

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    So cute!