AON colorset: Boreas by maCHIENne

AON colorset: Boreas


23 October 2020 at 00:34:25 MDT

AON deliberately changes color, and periodically i design some colorsets for it to wear. I was designing today-- not this colorset, but i didn't finish today's, so i'm uploading this one instead.

cropped because i made this nice comprehensive ref sheet, and, of course, proceeded not to use any of those other bis.

i do my refs in feral because it's a little easier for me to see more of the body. Flat-color, because i'm real specific about marking colors, though pragmatically AON's designs get simplified according to the image's needs.

Aon's pronouns are it, because while AON is more a set of symbols i've compiled into an avatar and not a proper character, it nevertheless is my fursona. I don't use my preferred pronoun in public basically ever, I don't usually even ask for it, because I understand and am legitimately sympathetic towards the fact that "it" as a pronoun is sometimes triggering to some people, and in the equation that is that particular accessibility conflict, I usually can bear that without issue. But AON is my 'sona, and i'd appreciate the chance to at least refer to the metaphor of myself correctly.
Incidentally, I do still intend to keep using the phrase 'preferred gender pronoun', because it does unfortunately retain some salience for me.

Done in krita, which is a joy to use. This set of lines does get reused, until i get sick enough of it to make a new set or design on stick figures, so you'll probably see the lines again.

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