Deer girl by maCHIENne

Deer girl


30 October 2020 at 19:57:18 MDT

Let's play the is-it-gonna-work game! I do these RN in Krita, which spoils me by letting me work in 32 floating point color mode--- which makes for REALLY sexy color mixing, and, unfortunately, a shitty time exporting things. Especially with the more subtle colors. and then also your previews and sometimes your rendered images never behaved. it's just so hard to go back to 8 bit tho ;----;

Anyway. much of what i do in my studio is basically games with myself, and thiss is one of them. Basically figure drawing practice, as normal, but in a setting, and i used a deer girly who needs a name still~ I got her yesterday~ I like to use designs I didn't make, especially for this kind of thing, becuase it's nice to give the part of my head that generates that stuff a rest from time to time. It's fresher if i have other inputs too, like designs by other folks <3

CheshyBaby@FA did yet-unnamed-deer-girl's design

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