Monster Paws! PROTOTYPE by Lychee

Monster Paws! PROTOTYPE


13 September 2017 at 10:25:21 MDT

Greetings! I finally got started on omen of my backburner projects! Repourposing old thrift store slippers to make a pattern for these! i' e been wanting to replurpose all this fabric that can't. e used for things bigger into some good comfy cool products.

These are not paw feet with shoes in them, they are slip on plush slippers! Once I practice sewing some zippers, they'll have little carry pouches in the heels.

Yes these are prototypes, I've already decided on some changes and such, like the fabric of the claws and how to appliqué the pads. They will change to offer 4 toe instead of 3 toe for some models (ancient pet peve of mine that I thought I made peace with). Layering for a wearable product always trips me up the first time coming back to sewing after dry spells, but it's worth the effort to make it sturdy.

Let me know what you think and keep an eye out for more of them! There's gonna be a few available for halloween and maybe yuletide!!

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