open infectious species guardian "normal" RULES & lore by LuxOriri

open infectious species guardian "normal" RULES & lore


6 April 2015 at 23:15:44 MDT

Guardian form has a choice to be infected, no one may be infected without their permission. Guardians are aware of infection & chose to keep the balance so the corrupt strain doesn't eat too many souls. They MUST have these traits to be a guardian
-crystals somewhere on the physical body to house souls souls rescued from the corrupt to be released after the current solstice is over
-striped underbelly, tail, inner ears & tongue. Black & white striping is traditional as a symbol of being able to walk between worlds, but they can be any color.
-skull like head with exposed teeth and a nose and ears appropriate to the species. If your species doesn't have these physical traits normally, they will gain them in infected form.
-able to change into infected form @ will, even outside the solstices.
-able to recognize corrupt and guardian strains outside their solstice forms
-Pupil less eyes that glow.
-decorated skull including anything from the name of the infected, words of power in any language or symbols of power (each individual is different so each skull will be different) day of the dead or any design is acceptable
-one special skill the infected did not have prior to infection, this could be anything that helps them fight the corrupt, from wings, the ability to travel through time (within reason) to teleportation or any one skill. One skill per character please & don't be afraid to be creative!
-they can chose not to answer the call of guardianship for up to two solstices, but after that, will be compelled to change.
-if you want to become uninfected, your character must chose it, uninfection is rare.
-can be anthro or feral any species

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