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Solarieune "Soul" Prower by LunarWind

Solarieune "Soul" Prower



One of the Halfbody Pieces Drawn for my Close Circle of Friends, who are like Family to me!

Third in the batch, for my Boyfriend, this is Soul... Tails' older brother!

He is not only a member of the Prower Family, but happens to be what's called a "Soul Thief" as well, and is capable of phasing through objects and shifting his limbs into shadowy weapons for combative purposes!

Soul himself can be a bit of a trickster as well as a tease to his peers, but he means well and is generally laid back when approached. His instincts lend themself to being able to read into his peers moods, figuring them out often before they can put said feelings into words.. and helping them work through those-- even encouraging them at times or in ways one least expects!

His Interests lie notably in entertainment, as well as spending time with his family, and he has picked up technical skills in Audio and even a budding skill or more in.. Visual Presentation as well, which he doesn't hesitate to flaunt when the opportunity presents itself! He also cooks up a mean Spaghetti, and is always trying to find ways to put a new spin on it...

Currently, he lives with a gal named Rage, and is also raising a daughter by the name of Phase, doing his best to make sure they're safe and happy!

Soul belongs to Zorek

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