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Falcon Prower by LunarWind

Falcon Prower



One of the Halfbody Pieces Drawn for my Close Circle of Friends, who are like Family to me!

Second in this batch is Falcon Prower! One of Cosmo's Seedlings and by extension, Haru's Brother!

Falcon is a Fun-loving Foxrian that was born on another planet from that of Mobius, and his skills include Gardening and Cooking more than the technical prowess that his father, Tails, is known for! His own tails do not serve as a means of flight, either, but more than make up for this in being able to grip objects and allow for multitasking!

He is also capable of sprouting various flowers from his grassy fur if he takes care of himself well enough, as well as experiences changes in fur coloration based on the weather and seasons! Said flowers may also be a glimpse into his moods and reflect them easily- and someone who knows him well enough (or perhaps, just flower symbolism) may very well pick up on those signs.

On that note, he struggles with self-esteem, often picking on or making fun of himself when he knows one of his jokes have crossed a line in attempts to make his pals feel better, or even having put on a more cocky demeanor as a way to mask said issue.

All in all though, Falcon is incredibly loyal and although he does tease his friends time to time he means well for and looks out for their well being-- even going out of his way to dunk on those actively hurting them, or putting himself in the front of danger to protect them!

Falcon belongs to Falc

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