What is Lunar Shine?
Lunar Shine is a cooperative project between Fdaki Industries LLC and some of the most talented artists in the Brony fandom! Our goal is to produce the best products the fandom has to offer, while providing artists with a great opportunity to turn their hard work into something they can be proud of!

How can I buy Lunar Shine products?
All of our products are available on our website:

How can I join Lunar Shine?
Lunarshine has an extensive application process by which artists must not only prove their skill but their willingness to deliver designs to our exacting specifications and on a planned schedule. That being said, we are willing to review and consider any artist, so please contact us at today!

Can I get a custom product made?
Not all products are available for custom ordering, but you can order custom products here:
We reserve the right to reject any custom image because it does not fit our print guidelines or is in violation of someone else's copyright or trademark.

Can I submit my character to be featured in the store?
Lunar Shine does not accept individual characters for appearance in the store. If you're interested in custom work, please click the link above.

Do you handle bulk purchasing?
Yes! We'd be happy to bulk order items for you, whether of our own design, or of your design. We can handle orders of (almost) any size, and offer discounts the more you buy. Please e-mail us at to discuss terms.



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Black Friday + Holiday Sale Announcement!

on 23 November 2018 at 06:51:59 MST

Looking to get a great deal on a daki? We’re offering up to 80% off our regular prices in a eBay clearance sale. Buy now and get these items at unheard of low prices:

We are also experimenting with returning to FurBuy with some 25% discounts:

Additionally, our free comic book promotion has, for the holidays, been extended to ALL orders!

Lastly, as our holiday gift to you, every package we ship from now until Christmas will contain a discount coupon for future orders placed before January 31st, 2019. Give it to a friend, or use it for yourself!

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