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Summer Fun Group YCH Done! by LuluAmore

Summer Fun Group YCH Done!


16 May 2021 at 21:47:19 MDT

Annnnnd it's done!
15 characters and a week and some to be finalised and.. it's done!

I now know how to do really nice palm trees in this style. SKILL AQUIRED.

Dear gosh have I never done a background or complicated picture like this and it was.. a thing! Pretty happy with how it's all come together in the end, so yay!

Tagging time. (I kinda wish sites worked like FB where you could just click and drop down select tagging.. sigh, ah well, to the typing!)

Starting from the left side of the image:
Ophelia the Vulpera belongs to NightBlue
Luis belongs to ElementalTorpedo
Anthrax belongs to anthrax-fur
Vik the bunny belongs to DrGravitas
Yeltsin belongs to DrGravitas
Boony belongs to BoonytheWolf
Dr. Gravitas belongs to DrGravitas
Kiri belongs to Kiri_Nectar
Blythe belongs to DrGravitas
Sambas commissioned by Kiri_Nectar
MistyWolf belongs to TheDingy
Kris belongs to Bread4Toast
Taradino belongs to Taradinocassat
Rederick belongs to DrGravitas
Kean belongs to DrGravitas

Thanks to everyone for purchasing their slots!


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    Everybody looks super cute here! Lovely work with my chars! Thanks again

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      Thankies! That bunny was an interesting challenge compared to the pile of foxes, though they were fun too~

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    Great picture! This beach looks like a fun place to be.

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      Thankies! I do believe it is!