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Summer Fun Com 6 by LuluAmore

Summer Fun Com 6


2 April 2021 at 09:15:28 MDT

Summer Fun lineless digital commissions are open!
I forgot how much of a pain in the butt starry skies are to do when you haven't organised your photoshop brushes at alllllll.

Currently disounted to $15USD til Easter Monday, or til I get 5 commissions for them.
Then they go up in price again!

PM me if you're interested in getting one~

What ye get:
3/4 Body lineless artworks playing in the water.
You can pick the activity if you like, otherwise I'll free form it.
Can email image once completed.

Requirements are:
Character Ref
Ref of the beach themed clothing they'll be wearing.

I'm getting them done in less than 24hrs from payment currently.
Can do most characters and character complexities.
All characters belong to their owners.