[ADOPT] Squee Batch 2 - (DONE) by Luckypan

[ADOPT] Squee Batch 2 - (DONE)


24 June 2015 at 17:57:09 MDT

I wanted to do another adoption set after the first, but probably not again for a while. These are fun but time consuming hah!


  • Each adopt is $50
  • Paypal only, please be ready to pay asap.
  • You will receive the high resolution file + nude version
  • They are yours to create art for, stories, commissions, whatever you like! Please do not make any profit however, and only post the reference version I give to you.
  • I will make a comment for each one, please reply to that comment to claim your Squee.
  • Please do not alter the design too much!
  • These are canon, and are subject to be background characters in comic format in the future.

1 - njack46

2 - Kelnich

3 - Ytoaster

These are basic Female Guard, meaning they are he protectors and guardians of their tribe, with bigger stingers and ready to attack! Each one had a sort of theme in mind, you can choose to keep this info or scrap it =).

1.) Short, stubborn and foolhardy. This lady packs a punch by hitting things first, then asking questions later.

2.) Elite rank of the guard who likes to be flashy to steal her opponents attention, not a risk taker and quite adept at leadership.

3.) Larger, stronger, but a more gentle Squee. She's a patrol guard and rides large beatles around!

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