[ADOPT] Squee Batch 1 - (DONE) by Luckypan

[ADOPT] Squee Batch 1 - (DONE)


24 June 2015 at 17:56:06 MDT

Due to notes and private emails requesting this, I've decided to do a batch of Squee adopts with the hopes of having a couple more available later on down the road!


  • Each adopt is $50
  • Paypal only, please be ready to pay asap.
  • You will receive the high resolution file + nude version
  • They are yours to create art for, stories, commissions, whatever you like! Please do not make any profit however, and only post the reference version I give to you.
  • I will make a comment for each one, please reply to that comment to claim your Squee.
  • Please do not alter the design (outside of small changes like hairstyle and such), they are created to be a Female Drones only.
  • These are canon, and are subject to be background characters in comic format in the future.

1 - hiddenwolf

2 - Somi

3 - Lyrium

These are basic Female Drones, meaning they are Squirrel Bee's that carry on the hardwork and day to day tasks! Each one had a sort of theme in mind, you can choose to keep this info or scrap it =).

1.) A bit ditsy and guardian of all things fruits and berries, incredibly feminine and of bigger stature. Probably can't fly too great due to her weight.

2.) Tough as nails and aspires to be a warrior, possibly a scout on the outskirts of their tribe. Very fast and lithe, small busted with unusual antennae.

3.) Bug shepherd and generally excitable, loves to laze around in the leaves on sunny days and talk to snails. She has many tiny bug pets and kind of hoards them.

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