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Fleet V'vuff by LTSmiley

Fleet V'vuff


10 March 2015 at 02:54:36 MDT

Oh yes, there are plenty more characters on my comp that have yet to be posted from several months ago. And yes it has all been due to not having names yet. So this is a pretty old pic too. Foot is totally turned too far, but the whole point of these is just quick refs so to speak, not amazing beauty.

Name: Fleet V'vuff
Species: Qwujakuhl
Gender: Male

Personality: Fleet is a happy Qwujakuhl with a very simplistic, dog like sense of joy in the simple things of life and great loyalty to all he considers close. Fleet has boundless energy and enthusiasm for everything he does. He can usually be found listening to the latest news, tail wagging back and forth. Fleet always has the best interest of others at heart. Some find it almost too quick paced though, having trouble keeping up with how fast its mind seems to switch gears from topic to topic.

Background: Fleet works as a local pilot of short distance transportation. Along with that he is a messenger between the Qwuedeviv and the Qwujakuhl. Fleet is genuinely very curious about the strange felines, and enjoys his time amidst their company, even if the kitties are a bit bristle furred in return. Fleet suffers from a genetic defect--from birth--that left him without the usual Qwujakuhl spider legs. This has not proved problematic for the Qwujakuhl other than sticking out amongst the others a bit.

Agewise Fleet would fall somewhere in the late teens to early 20's.
Fleet is totally one of my fav Qwujakuls XD

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