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ANOCRIS - And Thy Spirit (Visual Novel WIP) by Loxchi

ANOCRIS - And Thy Spirit (Visual Novel WIP)


TO KNOW there is progress! TO SHARE with you all, that indeed, hopefully I can provide an open demo soon for the first few fleshed out scenes.

I do hope you look forward to it! The title screen in-game screen has much more to it than a static image. I'm having fun with this.

ANOCRIS - And Thy Spirit revolves around the wolf Kove, as he and his anthropomorphic brethren attempt to stop the spread of shadow world's influence. This will be a choose your own adventure story with multiple choice branches and endings.

:::::::: Do not repost my art without permission, or tag my original content as yours.

Commissions are [ OPEN ]! Info and more on my website.

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:::::::: Thank you for your support and your interest.
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