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ANOCRIS - And Thy Spirit (Visual Novel WIP) Update by Loxchi

ANOCRIS - And Thy Spirit (Visual Novel WIP) Update


Just hollering into the abyss so you all know I'm not sitting on my hands for this wonderful thing.
I'm getting excited about how much I've gotten done...

There are gallery unlocks available and various secrets woven into the story so far, and all original music soundtrack mixed by me!

Honestly what is slowing me down is backgrounds, as usual. While I am referencing things, I am making this whole novel from scratch. More soon. 10 worked out scenes will solidify the demo for upload.

:::::::: Do not repost my art without permission, or tag my original content as yours.

Commissions are [ OPEN ]! Info and more on my website.

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:::::::: Thank you for your support and your interest.
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