Commission Infromation by lownleinhigh

Commission Infromation


21 May 2018 at 00:21:24 MDT

1.) You agreed to / for letting me do a commission, thus you have to update me as often as you can. Likewise, I will update you to all the progress.

2.) All details for the commission has to be given to me during the discussion and all updates are shown to you. If you received the product and you have complaints about it, it is your side's fault not telling me the entire things to be corrected during our discussion. I only perform whatever the clients requests told me so.

3.) Changes for the final product can still be altered and replaced if the fault is found on my side. No additional charges for replacements.

4.) My art is not that great, I still thank you for letting me do the commission.

5.) I can only give you a softcopy of the commission since I have no high quality printer for the hardcopy versions.

6.) All the rights for the final product will be given to you; however, the copyrights will still remain under my name. Removing or tampering my signature out of the art will result a bad image for the client.

7.) My art usually can usually lasts for a 7 business days, sorry for the long wait.

8.) Payments can be done through Cebuanna, Mlhuiller, or 7 - Eleven. Cash on Delivery is not advisable.

9.) NSFW is not yet available

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