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A lone childish mysterious wolf... Always lurking... Always observing...

By the way... I am new in this form of art, so please forgive the inaccuracy and the ugliness.

I'm more active at FA.

Software used to create most of my work : GIMP 2 and Adobe Photoshop
Device for making the art : Just a plain good ol' optic mouse

About me:

Oh! A visitor. Yikes! My profile is not yet ready. Oh well...

Ahem... Hi! I'm Lownleinhigh and welcome to my small corner of my world (and my personal fur-ner here at FA : P :) )

Here are few of my little info:

Personality: serious, wacky, crazy, silly, smart, mischievous, mysterious, dangerous, rough, strict, childish, most of the time busy and professional
Furry Side: Mix breed of wolf and corgi (namely Lownleinhigh)
Profession: Believe it or not... MATH TEACHER for Grades 8 to 10. XD
Dislikes: Close-minded person and those who are being so naive in intellectual comments XD

Here, you can find some of my attempts of my work (mostly digital arts and edits) that may appear messy and inaccurate due to I do not use stylus to create my work. Most of the time, I use optic mouse.

Go ahead and savor the view of my work... I humbly accept constructive criticism and harsh comments since I know that I could use those comments for the development of my skill. You may say you "like" or "hate", feel free to make suggestions.

About Lownleinhigh: (about my other side)

Height: 5' 5 1/2"
Age: 22 years old
Weight: 68 kg
Personality: Same with me, but wittier, cuddlier, pumped, and stronger than me.
Element: Wind, Force, and Sky
Complete Name: Lownleinhigh Wolfire
Danger Level: 8 / 10 (you don't know who are you dealing with)
Profession : educator, swordsman, elementalist, spy
Job: Swordian / Magical Knight
Hobby: lurking, studying, observing, and spying MANY people

That is all about him, for now.

Latest Journal

been a while!

Been a long long while I am gone here. But now I am back XD

I jave been way more active in Twitter and Furaffinity hahahaha

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