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Moffatt Crowe by LordDominic

Moffatt Crowe


Since I enjoy drawing character portraits and use it as something of a "comfort subject"/way to relax while staying productive art-wise, here's more portrait cuteposting, this time featuring another long-forgotten character of mine, Moffatt Crowe.

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I haven't drawn this guy in nearly a decade at this point, and in that time I have given a bit of thought to his lore and the lore of his species--I won't bother posting too much of it here, since these portrait posts are often ignored, but his species is called "Malphacam" (I mixed the names of two bird-like demons I learned back when I was looking into demonology stuff for lore ideas, "Malphas" and "Caim", to come up with this), and they are an alien species (I have yet to decide the location of their homeworld, if it still exists, and the species' affiliation with any existing factions, if applicable) with an innate affinity for magic (or its equivalent in-universe).

There's quite a bit of diversity in terms of their visual appearance and plumage, but there's also prominent sexual dimorphism, with the females all having shorter beaks (similar to those of owls) while the males' are more shrike-like in appearance, thereby giving a canon explanation for how Moffatt Crowe and Pandora Sophia can be the same species despite the fact both characters were originally conceived as one-off avian characters as well as possibly allowing me to revive a couple other one-off avian characters as members of this species.

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