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Once Again Skunkdog by LordDominic

Once Again Skunkdog


More Fat Animal in Underwear Art, this time featuring Dominic "Skunk Boy" Mephitto in his Skunkdog form and in the Kneeling Pose I had fun recycling a few times back in September/October.

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Random Ramble: one of the perks of scheduling submissions is that I can space out repetitive/recycled poses and scenarios a bit--but one of the drawbacks is that I might not post something until months after I've drawn it... I finished this back in late September and it's now posting 2 months later, at the end of November!

However, this also tends to mean I leave my art pages on autopilot for days or weeks at a time, and while I do check on my messages, I tend to wait a while before replying and respond to everything on my day off... or that something could happen to me and I could be incapacitated or even dead and nobody would notice my absence until months after the fact.

I also tend to dislike "dumping", which I know is the norm for many artists, because the idea of going radio silent for a month or longer only to just flood my followers' inboxes with a bunch of art all at once could be quite overwhelming. I also know from personal experience that all it takes is to be in a bad mood the day an artist decides to dump, for months of work to be carelessly instantly nuked from messages...

Enough of my rambling though... You're here for the Fat Animal in Underwear.Β 

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