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Nick Domnall by LordDominic

Nick Domnall


In which I realized that, despite having a lot in common with raccoons (dark circles under my eyes, an uncanny ability to find coins on the ground, being fat, being a scavenger, wanting to get hit by a car, etc.), I have never depicted myself as a raccoon or otherwise designed myself a raccoon avatar in the 20ish years I've been drawing (aside from quite recently with Kendall, who hasn't quite ascended to "alternate fursona" status yet) so this happened.

Kinda surprised it took this long, and that I started off with a Skunk Boy and not a Raccoon Boy as my self-parody/self-loathing turned main fursona...

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Meet Nick Domnall, in kemonomimi and full raccoon form. I haven't really decided which is canon, or if both are, and much like Tex and Dominic Mephitto, he has a were-form that comes out when he sees a full dumpster... or if he'll even be canon at all as he does just seem like a reskin of Skunk Boy in many ways. On the other hand, since Skunk and Raccoon are both trash creatures and are two of the three North American Starter Pokemon (the third, of course, being Opossum), maybe they're friends or something.

Is his name actually "Dominick" and he goes by "Nick" because "Dominic" is as common a name in my universe as "Kevin" was at my elementary school? Or is it just a mildly clever name because "nick" is slang for "steal" and that's what raccoons are stereotyped for? The world may never know...

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