Wolff is a Good Boy by LordDominic

Wolff is a Good Boy


17 June 2020 at 18:49:36 MDT

2019 art, more "finishing up old sketches" stuff featuring Dominic Wolff in the "Good Boy" pose.

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    I really like this piece. Slightly busier than some of your other work which I would not have expected to suit your style but this definitely ticks all the boxes, that expression makes it. I also like the way you draw animals in pants but keep it SFW. Can I ask about the faint lines you use to give depth or shape, do these come from your original scanned construction or do you add them at the end? It always interests me watching an artist work and how the work evolves.

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      Thank you very much! I do prefer to keep my at at a G or PG rating, it might be costing me some views/watches but it's how I like to draw them, being inspired by cartoons and all. There's definitely some interest in furry art that's more on the "cute" and "silly" side of things it seems, and it always makes me very happy when someone says they appreciate me keeping it on the safe and tasteful side.
      And then I draw some cartoon animal sticking its big butt in the viewer's face, lol.

      As for the texturing of the fur, for some of my art I use some scanned construction paper for texture, and adjust the hue/saturation/lightness as needed to match the character's coloration. It's a bit of doing and doesn't always look the greatest, but when it works, I think it works very well. I'm not entirely sure where I got that idea but I started doing it in 2014 or 2015, when I was experimenting a lot with character designs and trying new things.
      Hopefully that answers your question!

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    Thank you - question answered, these details really add to the interest. As for the Butt in face what I have seen of your work still stays the "cute & silly" side of that particular fence.

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      You're welcome! I don't think much of my art really goes beyond what was in all those cartoons I watched in the 1990s so I'm probably doing alright. Sorta "cheeky" but not outright "naughty". "Comic mischief" might be the term I'm looking for.