Domingo by LordDominic



11 June 2020 at 12:31:48 MDT

2019 art, featuring Domingo.

Pride Month 2019 that gave me an excuse to draw Domingo showing off his butt. Not that I normally need a reason, but it's nice to have one beyond "I wanna draw butts lol".

Domingo has always been one of those characters that's pretty open about their sexuality, and if anyone is surprised to find out he's bisexual by this point, they really haven't been paying attention.

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    I cannot believe how long it took me to see the flag

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      It's pretty subtly hidden as the background I suppose, and it's a nice color choice so it just looks like a colored background to match the stars on his underwear.
      Don't feel bad, until a couple years ago I was unfamiliar with any of these pride flags/colors, aside from the rainbow.

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    All across England at the moment there are rainbow flags being flown in support of our National Health Service. Officially there are a different number of stripes on the NHS flag compared to the gay flag, many don't know and are flying the wrong one, including our local church - brings a smile to my face each time I pass it.

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      One of my favorite "pride flag fails" I've seen may have actually been a troll, but... there was a Facebook(?) post where someone that was clearly very conservative though the trans pride flag was "straight pride"--to paraphrase, "the blue represents male, the pink represents female, and the white represents the purity and sanctity of marriage".
      Poe's Law is in full effect with that one, I couldn't tell if they were a troll, or simply that ignorant, because both are equally likely!