Tribute to The Possum by LordDominic

Tribute to The Possum


28 April 2019 at 18:22:15 MDT

2017 art.

Something actually very sentimental, even if it's not quite my best work in hindsight.

Featuring Penny Possum.

At some point, I stopped referring to this car as "Penny Possum" and instead, simply "The Possum" because no matter how dead I thought it was it would just keep running... until the cost of all needed repairs just made it unfeasible to continue dumping money into.

Just gonna quote my ramblings from the original description page here...

In the middle of August [2017], I had to trade in my 2000 Grand Prix GT, which I was affectionately referring to as "Penny Possum", because of a number of mechanical issues that would have costed more to fix than the car was worth. Rusted brake lines, leaking brake valves, a coolant line about to blow out... not to mention all the various oil leaks.

It was definitely a challenge to lovingly recreate this car and get all the details right. The broken air dam thing in front, the section of the front bumper by the fog lamp that was cracked and would pull away at times and always took pieces of the car wash home with us, the cracked windshield I stared at for nearly 2 years... however, Penny's fat ass is covering the dented-in driver-side fender, the one that I assume wasn't replaced when the car was rebuilt (yes, it was a "rebuilt salvage" and based on all the issues I'm guessing she took a pretty solid hit to the front passenger side, but for 300 bucks when I was desperate I won't complain too much). I also failed to show how, after two years of vacuuming and cleaning, I would still find cigarette butts from the previous owners.

Not sure what happened to her after the trade-in, I know she had some newer parts on her that I put on over the years, hopefully she was parted out and not just smashed into a cube at the junkyard.

The car was a shitbox, but she was MY shitbox. I miss this car, even if the new Mazda gets 10mpg more, has no visible rust, no big dents, working windshield washer fluid, no discernible oil leaks, no big crack on the windshield...

Also, this is probably the last time I'll be drawing a real car until I decide I need art of Aiko (the Mazda, not the Tanuki I named it after). Drawing real cars is a pain in the ass, getting all those curves and details right. I'll just stick to generic cartoon cars.

Oh yeah, robot possum posing on the hood.

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