Wally Wolf (2016) by LordDominic

Wally Wolf (2016)


8 April 2019 at 15:44:31 MDT

2016 art.

Wally Wolf from the Possum County Country Ensemble, as a pixel sprite... thing.

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    This looks really neat! :o I don't think I've ever seen any of your pixels before

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      Oh, for real? I don't do much pixel art anymore but back in 2014/2015 I was doing commissions for little animated "chomper" icons after a couple I did with my Possum County characters got noticed. I might have to try getting back into pixel art sometime, I love tiny pixels.

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        No problem!!

        Yeah, I'm not sure when I first met you but I feel it was around 2016~2017?? My sense of time and my memory is also absolutely Fucked because Depression(tm), but I don't remember seeing pixels much from you at all! I agree, tiny pixels are a BLAST and super fast and fun to do depending on how much details you add!! I ADORE making small pixels too fnklent

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          I think you're right about that timeframe. By that point I hadn't done pixel art in a minute. Aside from some avatar/icons I didn't really do much pixel stuff, I know I have a fighter jet and I think some sort of top-down view of a car I did in a few colors and just lined them up side-by-side because why not. Neither are particularly interesting or worth cross-posting here, though, although they are probably buried in my DA gallery somewhere.

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            Let's both just make a bunch of fuckin' pixels bro. Just pixels out the ass

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              Are you going to take your own advice and "just make a bunch of fuckin' pixels", bro?

              Maybe one of the things holding me back on pixels is, I was mostly restricting myself to a 50x50 headshots because they were meant to be DA avatars, but the end results were tiny and repetitive since they were all FNAF style with the same animation loop--basically a glorified "YCH".

              All that practice did help me out a while back, though, when I helped a friend update his texture pack for Minecraft, he was using a 64x texture pack and I was like, "I've actually done pixel work at this scale!"

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                Eventually bro, give me time. I do have a sketch for one done and it looks okay so far! Just gotta finish it within the next 20 years

                I make a lot of 50x50 pixels, especially when I was doing 'em for free that one time (I still haven't made one for you and I feel so bad, I'll get to it sometime I promise bgekrtbrbt) and I still like them! It's fun to just play around on a tiny canvas, especially since you can finish it fast af

                oooo, nice! Art skills coming in handy is so satisfying lmao