Meet Private Denholm (2016) by LordDominic

Meet Private Denholm (2016)


29 March 2019 at 19:53:18 MDT

2016 art. At some point, for no real reason, I decided to add a dingo to the dog-soldier squad. I drew him exactly once, and this was it!

Description from the original submission page:

Darcy Denholm, dingo, male, age 22. Squad demolitions "expert". Growing up in a remote mining town in the desert, Darcy learned all about handling and setting explosives, fixing the machinery around the mine, the "basics of structural engineering" (or, more accurately, he helped put up some supports in the mines a couple times and helped repair a railroad bridge once), operating excavators and bulldozers and front-end loaders, and of course rocks.

He's also a bush pilot, as it turns out the fastest way to and from the rest of the world from a remote desert mining town with a population of about 150 is to take a plane, and he learned to fly the old single-engine plane the town had at a very young age... and wrecked it when he was 18. He's also managed to successfully fly and even land a helicopter not once, but twice.

When asked about his skill with explosives, he usually points out that he still has all of his fingers, toes, limbs and eyes... but doesn't say much else.

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