Toby's Stay in the Detention Block (2015) by LordDominic

Toby's Stay in the Detention Block (2015)


19 March 2019 at 05:24:53 MDT

2015 art, Toby in a situation that may or may not still be canon in 2019 ("space jail" is a thing, just ask Deneb, and it's a concept I like to play with from time to time, but Toby might not have been there at any point in his life).

Description from the original submission page:

Who would have thought that Toby has arrest warrants on twelve systems and the space police have been looking for him for quite some time? At least he's got that bright red forcefield door to add some color to the otherwise cold grey... everything.
This raises interesting questions, like how the duration of his sentence would be determined due to the fact that "years" are determined by how long it takes a planetary body to orbit its sun and this particular detention ship is probably cruising from system to system, picking up and transferring prisoners and maybe selling some as slaves or pets to cover costs.

I've always sort of envisioned this as what "space jail" would be like in my universe (or at least the space jail of one of the interplanetary alliances or federations or what have you), for some reason. Shock collar with tracking beacon, small rooms with forcefield doors (or, for others, a tube or cube made almost entirely of forcefield) so the prisoners are clearly visible, futuristic shackles that have some sort of very strong magnets or perhaps some sort of energy connector beam that can be turned on and off as needed, and of course, a uniform (if you can call those silvery briefs a "uniform") that covers very little at all to make it very difficult to hide any sort of contraband.

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      For a character I don't actually draw much, Toby finds himself getting into trouble quite often!