Possum County Pickup Truck (2014) by LordDominic

Possum County Pickup Truck (2014)


15 March 2019 at 18:57:04 MDT

2014 art.

"Get in, loser! We're gonna go scream at security guards!"

All six of the Possum County characters in one picture? You bet. Group pictures are something I'm just not good at, even now, but this one still holds up in 2019 (in my opinion).

Description from the original submission page:

Wally and the gang head out on the open road in an old pickup truck. Luckily, being stage animatronics, they won't mind if they inhale a few bugs while riding in the back like that.

This old farm truck is one of two that the Possum County characters have access to, this one being used in parades and such to promote the restaurant. The bed is large enough for all six characters to be put in place to wave to the crowds and such. In more recent years, the truck has been left in the garage to gather dust with interest in the restaurant waning and hauling six animatronics onto the back of a farm truck and driving it around town no longer seeming worth the effort.

A lot of effort went into this one, just getting all of the characters together in one scene.