Brain Drain (2014) by LordDominic

Brain Drain (2014)


15 March 2019 at 14:30:05 MDT

2014 art. Every now and then I have weird ideas... Subjecting characters to odd experiments, having them fall victim to unusual perils, or just putting them into weird situations.

Description from the original submission page:

Well, if he won't be reformed or rehabilitated, it's time for some more extreme measures...
Convict number 714-147-4114 finds himself on the receiving end of a thorough brainwashing. Hopefully he'll be left with enough basic motor skill and speech comprehension to be put to work sweeping floors around the lab.
Don't give the ethics of this too much thought. He sure won't be thinking about them, or much of anything else, ever again.

I'd been meaning to subject him to some cruel experimentation for a while now, and I also really wanted to draw a character being subjected to a mechanical brainwashing for some reason. Sorry, buddy. Better luck next time!